CheezUp Cheddar Cheese Sauce (500g)


This is your basic dip made extraordinary. It's flavorful enough on its own yet it still easily blends with other toppings and ingredients. This is a true cheese dip chameleon you must try on your next cheese party!

Texture: Creamy and cheesy

Color: Yellow

Best for:

dipping - nachos, french fries, cheese fondue, samgyupsal cheese dip, mojos, nuggets

topping - spaghetti, french fries, pizza, tortilla



Brand : CheezUp
Pack Size : 500 g
Serving Size : 30 g or 1/3 cup
Serving Suggestion : dip for french fries, mojos, nuggets, any finger foods, cheese sauce topping for pizza, cheesy chowder, lasagna
Allergen : This product contains milk.

Keep refrigerated (2-10°C)