CheezUp Truffle Cheese Sauce (500g)


Reward yourself after a long day's work with a rich and creamy bowl of truffle cheese pasta. Savor the perfect blend of truffle oil and cheese with every bite. Can't get enough? Bring out your favorite bag of chips and enjoy this as a dip for your midnight snack.

Texture: Rich and creamy

Color: Yellow

Best for:

cooking - truffle mac and cheese, truffle gnocchi, dipping - tortilla dip, nachos, pretzels

topping - truffle pizza, tortilla, french fries


Brand : CheezUp
Pack Size : 500 g
Serving Size : 30 g or 1/3 cup
Serving Suggestion : truffle mac and cheese, truffle dip for french fries, truffled gnocchi, truffle pizza
Allergen : This product contains milk.

Keep refrigerated (2-10°C)