CheezUp EZ-Melt Cheese Block (1.9kg)


CheezUp rises to the occasion and created an EZ-to-melt, EZ-to-use melting cheese to level up your cheese experience.

Unlike any other, EZ-Melt brings a new flavor to the table with a sweeter and creamier taste!

Try it for yourself and get creative! Tag us and share with your Quentong MerQado.

Texture: Soft

Color: Pale yellow

Best for:

baking - lasagna, pasta, casserole, ube cheese pandesal filling, baked macaroni

dipping - nachos, french fries, cheese fondue, samgyupsal cheese dip

topping - spaghetti, french fries, pizza, tortilla



Brand : CheezUp
Pack Size : 1.9 kg
Serving Size : 30 g
Serving Suggestion : ube cheese pandesal filling (any bread filling), melted cheese topping for lasagna, baked mac, spaghetti, any casserole cheese dip for french fries, nachos, tortilla, samgyupsal pizza topping
Allergen : This product contains milk.

Keep refrigerated (2-10°C)